Benling India will soon launch their electric motorcycle and compete against the Revolt RV400.

Revolt RV 400 Details
Benling’s rival to the RV400 will arrive in 2020

Benling India will begin sales of their EV line-up by 2020. The brand has already sold 800 2-wheelers in India and will soon bring the RV400 rival in the market.

With laws passed by the government and a possible ban on internal combustion engines (ICE) below 150cc in the near future, the EV market will surely get a boost in sales. If the ban is approved and passed, India will see a revolution in the 2-wheeler market as most of the sales come from segments under 150cc. Benling is pretty new for a market that has been dominated by fossil-fuelled engines since the beginning and major sales have revolved around small capacity 2-wheelers, but when it comes to their presence in China, the brand has a widespread reach. The company manufactures about 6-12 lakh units annually and more than 60% of it are sold in foreign countries.

Currently, Benling’s lineup for India has 3 models- Kriti, Falcon and Icon. All 3 models are low-speed scooters and the sticker price starts from Rs. 40,000/-. A high-speed scooter is under works and will likely carry the badge name- Aura. Aforesaid models are available at Benling dealerships in Bangalore, Kolkata, Gurugram, Chennai, and Hyderabad.

In the constant efforts of saving fossil fuels and the environment, EVs are likely to be welcomed by the people on a good note. But this doesn’t change the fact that the electricity that charges the EV is generated from a power plant that survives on coal. The government firmly believes that the EV transition in India can chop down the rate of carbon emission by a significant margin. Even if 30% of personal vehicles, 70% of public transport and 80% of 2-3 wheelers successfully transit to EV by the year 2030, the net carbon emissions all over India can be brought down by 846 million tones. That is a mind-boggling figure in itself.

Benling India believes that all electric 2-wheelers under 150cc by 2025 is a realistic target and can be worked on. Furthermore, we all know growth in EV sales is directly proportional to the number of charging stations. China currently houses more than a quarter-million charging stations and India barely has 650. If the number of charging stations is brought up to 50,000 units by 2023-25 then the electric transition will be smoother.

Benling plans to set up 3 manufacturing plants in India and have a wider range of customers. Currently, the assembly parts are being imported from China. The company also plans to set up a business with bike rentals for last-mile assist until the charging stations are adequate in number. With step by step adoption of EVs, the company is working on a new electric motorcycle specifically designed for the Indian market. The numbers are close to 140 kms of range and 80-90 km/hr of top speed. Benling aims to rival the Revolt RV400 e-motorcycle with their January 2020 launch.

Benling Electric Motorcycle

– Benling India’s RV400 rival will arrive by January 2020
– Currently, the company has 3 scooters for India- Kriti, Falcon and Icon
– A high-speed scooter called Aura is also in works

Benling Electric Scooters
The sticker price for Benling scooters starts from Rs. 40,000/-

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