Vinnu SV, the Hyderabadi based biker has successfully completed the Bun Burner challenge driving his bike nonstop for more than 2500 km in less than 36 hours, a race against time and every kind of physical and mental limitation. The Bun Burner challenge is certified by the Iron Butt Assosiation (IBA), USA. The IBA is a leading US based club which certifies people that successfully complete long endurance rides across the world and boasts of the world’s toughest riders. Vinnu also remains the only biker from Andhra Pradesh to have completed the Saddlesore in which you are required to cover a distance of about 1600 kms in 24 hours. When he came back after successfully completing the Saddlesore challenge, he has decided to do the Bun Burner challenge right away. Vinnu is a professional racer who quit his job a year ago to pursue what he does best, biking.

“Even before I reached Hyderabad, after riding on the road for 24 hours, I knew that I wanted to do the BB. I was diagnosed with disc bulges on my cervical spine. All the racing and riding on the track, stunt tours and 12-odd inter-state rides in the last year, had taken a toll on me. And after the saddlesore, my back and neck took a serious beating. I was told that just riding a bike can pose major health hazards. But I knew that the Bun Burner was something I had to do for myself… A fear that had to be conquered. I started my ride on my Yamaha R15 from Hyderabad and I had to come back by 11 am on October 21 — 36 hours to ride through Bangalore-Salem-Kanyakumari and back home. And the time includes all pit stops for fuel, food or rest,” Vinnu SV, said.