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The Ameo boasts of impressive great high speed stability

If the powertrain is so fab, it’s the ride quality which is even better. It absorbs almost everything in its stride like a boss, a bit stiff at the front to counter the additional weight of the diesel mill but so compliant that it puts all other compact sedans to shame with its surefooted composure, body roll too is well contained and the car is so stable at high speeds that it doesn’t exhibit any compact sedan demeanour, impressive! But the steering feels obnoxiously heavy at lower speeds and isn’t the sharpest as you increase the pace, the feedback is the only fly in the ointment here. The brakes though are sharp and with the gear lever slotted to manual mode, you can get some engine braking too!

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The Ameo is well worth the premium it commands

The Volkswagen Ameo is clearly the most over-engineered car in the segment and that also reflects in its price. However, the lack of additional space benefits over the Polo has been one of the issues of this car. That said, the biggest benefit of the Ameo over the Polo happens to be the auto box, it’s just leagues ahead of the competition. If someone wants a solid compact sedan which is also fast, look no further than the Ameo TDI, the manual I believe is even more fun!

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This DSG box shows how an automatic transmission should be done

What’s Cool

* Elegant looks and outstanding build quality
* Feature-loaded interior
* Responsive engine and gearbox
* Superb high-speed stability

What’s Not So Cool

* Misses out on certain essential features
* Rear seats and boot could have been more spacious
* Steering feels heavy at lower speeds

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Volkswagen cars have a different charm in them

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