2013 Volkswagen PoloGT

What will you do, if you want your geyser to fetch Luke warm water? You will probably mix cold water to the steaming hot water from the geyser to make it suitable to your needs. Most of the machines work to their maximum power output, even if that much power is not needed. So, these machines use the same amount of energy even if work done is negligible. In our energy scarce world, can we make something which uses the energy only when it’s required? Well, the new Volkswagen Polo Blue GT has an answer for this.

The new Volkswagen Polo Blue GT comes with ACT cylinder deactivation system, which deactivates the second and the third cylinders when that extra power is not needed. This system gets activated automatically when the load on the car is less. That means, during the initial acceleration of car i.e. from stand still, all the four-cylinders are active. But as speed develops and the power required is only to maintain the speed, then the second and third cylinder gets deactivated to save fuel. If instant power is required during this period, the inactive cylinders can be activated by just pressing the accelerator pedal. The best part about this technology is that it ensures better fuel economy without any lag in the performance as both the activation and deactivation occurs in less than 40 milliseconds in any condition.

The Volkswagen Polo Blue GT version, when compared to the GTI version, is more or less similar on the outside, sporting day time running LEDs to Blue motion’s side sills and front windscreen rain channels. It also sports the same 17-inch rubber (quite big when compared with the Indian Polo). Though underneath the hood, the Polo Blue GT is a bit low on power, it can make it up with its incredible efficiency and lower emissions (which is a very important spec in European markets). Even though the power is less, with 0-100 km/hr sprint in just 7.2 seconds, you can’t call it slow until you are comparing it with Lamborghinis.

Engine Capacity1.4-litre1.4-litre
Power138 BHP177 BHP
Fuel Consumption21 km/l16 km/l
CO2 Emissions107 g/km142 g/km
Top Speed207 km/hr229 km/hr
PriceRs. 12.11 lakhsRs. 10.23 lakhs


With such specs and amazing emission and economy figures it should be a huge hit in Europe where the bookings have started with deliveries possible only by December. However, there are no plans to launch it in India yet.

2013 Volkswagen PoloGT Interiors

2013 Volkswagen PoloGT Rear

– Harshit Shrivastava