In what comes as an addition to the famous Segway, Volkswagen has just revealed the Last Mile Surfer electric scooter for commuting short distances in congested city conditions.

Volkswagen Last Mile Surfer Electric Scooter
The electric scooter is Volkswagen’s first move in the compact urban commuting segment

Volkswagen is one car manufacturer that has ownership of a large number of famous car brands. This helps the company not only in learning a lot on the technology front from other brands, but in also sharing many platforms as well for cost effective measures. Anyhow, Volkswagen has been exploring new possibilities in the field of urban transportation in order to bring a revolutionary product to the market and change the future of urban commuting all over the world.

The company has just revealed one such product, the Last Mile Surfer electric scooter. Revealed through official photographs, the Last Mile Surfer is actually a codename that will also be brought on to the final production version. Basically a foldable three-wheeled device, the new electric scooter weighs just 11 kgs. The scooter has specifically been designed to fit into the boot of a car so that the owner can take it out and use it to complete the final phase of a journey much like what a Segway is used for as well.

The electric scooter can help motorists to not rely on public transport completely and travel through congested city areas without much of a hassle. Powering the scooter is a lithium-ion battery which gives it a range of 12.4 miles when charged to the maximum capacity. The new product will surely get the public in a frenzy and is expected to go on sale in the UK in 2016 for somewhere in the region of £700 (around Rs. 70,000/-). This scooter will serve as a niche product and is expected to perform decently as per Volkswagen’s expectations.

Volkswagen Last Mile Surfer
The Last Mile Surfer will hope to live up to its name in the literal sense