Volkswagen will buy back cars that have been affected by the CO2 emission irregularities in the European market as it can’t fix the issue on some of the cars.

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Volkswagen is offering large discounts, cash backs and even buy back offers

Volkswagen confirmed a total of 4,30,000 units are affected with the CO2 emission irregularities in Europe including cars from brands like Volkswagen, Skoda, Audi and Seat, all of which are brands owned by the Volkswagen Group. Though this number is only half of what actually has been confirmed at about 8,00,000 units. Now, Volkswagen are taking steps to ease the woes of their customers by offering various offers from offering incentives and large discounts to even buying back cars.

The company will offer customers whose vehicles have affected by the CO2 emissions figures by more than 10%, the chance to sell back their vehicles to the car maker at current market values. A Volkswagen representative also mentioned that they have the emission test figures for all cars and hence they can verify if the vehicle is actually affected or that some customers are just handing back cars without any faults.

Volkswagen is also ready to pay its European affected customers the total amount of cash for the CO2 emission taxes, after the discrepancy was brought to light regarding the difference in claimed emission figures by the company to that of the actual figures recorded.

For customers in the USA, Volkswagen is ready to hand out cash cards of up to $750 USD to keep themselves in the customers’ good books. While in the UK, in addition to all the existing promotions and discounts being provided, Volkswagen is going one step further and offering cash incentives for anyone who replaces their old Volkswagen car (of any age) for new ones.

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Close to 8 lakh VW cars have been affected by the CO2 emission irregularities