This owner demonstrates the issue live on a 1-litre TSI Volkswagen Taigun

Volkswagen Group Cars especially, the 1-litre models face severe AC compressor tripping issues

Volkswagen Group cars are reportedly facing severe AC compressor tripping issues among other major problems as the social media and forums are abuzz with complaints by owners. According to customers, these problems are adding to the price hikes and feature deletions.

For the last couple of months, several Volkswagen and Skoda car owners are taking to social media platforms, the various problems they are facing with their newly acquired cars. A majority of them complained about issues with their air conditioners.

They claimed that, in cars like the Volkswagen Taigun, Skoda Kushaq, and Slavia, the AC compressors randomly switch off in slow moving traffic leading to the cabin temperatures rising fast to the point that the journey becomes uncomfortable.

User reports problem with a 1.5-litre Slavia

In the video, we can see the cabin temperature of the Taigun rising fast even when on the move. Users said the issues are more pronounced on the 1-litre TSI models of these cars while some also claimed the the same on the 1.5-litre models.

In addition to the compressor tripping issue, the users complained about problems with the cars’ Electronic Power Control (EPC) systems. A LinkedIn user by the name Harsha Kripalani said her Skoda Slavia developed EPC issue within 3 weeks of delivery.

Harsha said the problem repeated even after multiple service centre visits and claimed that she is currently facing errors not just with EPC but also with auto start-stop, system voltage (P0562), and intake air temperature circuit high input (P0113).

The user claimed that her car was in service centre for nearly a month now with the technicians clueless about the problems. Being a women, she said, it deflates confidence when a new car gets stranded on the road.

This user has some shocking list of problems

Another Twitter user by the name Manisekhar has also complained about the same EPC issue in addition to a host of other issues. The user said the car had started behaving weird during a trip with his family and that they were stranded on the road.

While most users’ complaints were serious in nature, some are even reporting basic problems which shouldn’t have occurred in the first place. One Twitter user by the name Praveen had said he had been complaining for about 5 months about issues with his Kushaq.

He said his SUV’s power windows are not working and the body rattles on the move. The owner said his Kushaq also faces problems with braking in which the car makes noise when applying brakes.

This user’s problems have been unaddressed for months.

While responding to a user regarding AC tripping issues, Skoda India Director Zac Hollis, said, “We are aware of this feedback from some customers, particularly in hot conditions in prolonged stop start traffic. The engineers are working on a solution to improve the AC performance. Any improvement will be for new cars and offered to existing customers.”

“In the the meantime the Service Centres are equipped with advice on how to maximise the performance of the AC,” he added in another reply.

Volkswagen India, in an official statement said, “The AC systems in our cars have been designed to provide maximum comfort while maintaining an optimal fuel efficiency. We follow rigorous quality check protocols and AC efficiency is also monitored for every model. We request not have any apprehension towards our product and services.”

Volkswagen Taigun Unveil
Volkswagen Taigun costs close to Rs. 22 lakhs, on-road

The company also said, “We are aware that a few customers might have faced AC cooling concerns, especially in the regions where the temperatures are soaring high. There are chances that it takes more time to bring cabin temperature as per the occupant’s requirement.” 

“Please be assured that our technical teams are working to analyse further the improvements in AC performance in specific operating conditions,” it added. Both the companies are yet to give a statement about the other lingering problems namely the EPC errors.