Volkswagen plans to have one SUV in every segment and the upcoming Polo SUV will join the likes of the Touareg and Tiguan which are already on sale.

Volkswagen Polo SUV Rendering
The Polo based SUV could be heavily influenced by the T-ROC concept

With the global market going crazy over compact SUVs, Volkswagen does not want to be left behind in the frenzy and has confirmed a Polo based SUV that will be launched in the near future. In a recent statement, Volkswagen said that the automaker plans to have a minimum of one SUV in each segment. With the B-segment SUV space showing great response globally, the company believes that a Polo based SUV will fit perfectly in its lineup.

The B-segment SUV is currently ruled by the Renault Captur followed by the Nissan Juke, Opel Mokka and Ford EcoSport, with the Honda HR-V and Mazda CX-3 set to join the lineup this year in Europe. Volkswagen does not want to be left behind in the segment and has been working on smaller SUVs based on the Golf and Polo platforms. The automaker showcased the T-ROC concept at the Geneva Motor Show last year, based on the Golf’s MQB platform which has been the basis for the Polo based rendering pictured above.

Volkswagen had also showcased the Taigun mini SUV based on the Up! hatchback back in 2013, but the project is still under consideration with the company executives contemplating the model’s popularity on a global scale. For now, the German auto giant will be concentrating its efforts on the Polo based SUV that will join the likes of the Tiguan and the flagship Touareg SUV with both the models due for an upgrade in 2016.

Volkswagen is also working on two new full-sized SUVs based on the MQB platform namely the CrossBlue and CrossBlue Coupe that will be first launched in the US and China, while a European launch is possible in the long term. Coming to Volkswagen’s India operations, the automaker is in some serious need of resurrection and a Polo based SUV could certainly help the company in addition to the upcoming Polo based compact sedan for the domestic market.

Volkswagen T-Roc Compact SUV
Volkswagen plans to have at least one SUV in every segment in the future

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