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Piaggio’s Vespa has been a long time coming and has been delayed time and again. Finally the iconic scooter will be launched in early March but what has caused so much delay? Piaggio is very serious about the Indian market and sources close to us have revealed that the company is putting its best effort to ensure a smooth and successful launch of the Vespa scooter. The current reason for delay is the last minute decision to change boards of all the upcoming 50 dealerships. The new boards will have a more prominent Piaggio name to create brand awareness about Europe’s biggest 2-wheeler manufacturer. The company is aware about the importance of service and back up and is working hard to ensure the same. Earlier this week, we had got you the first pictures of the Vespa showrooms, which can be viewed here.

Piaggio has not revealed the pricing of the Vespa LX125 scooter, which will be manufactured at a new facility in Baramati. This manufacturing unit has a capacity to produce 1.5 lakh scoters every year. We estimate a price between Rs. 55,000 and Rs. 60,000/- for the Vespa, which is slightly premium to the ones offered by Honda and Suzuki. Piaggio is not looking to do volumes with the Vespa and is positioning it as a lifestyle product. More so, the quality of the Vespa is true to its name. The Vespa LX125 gets 3 coats of paint and is extremely solid like a German car. There has been no compromise made on the quality and thus the premium price is well justified.

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