Yamaha Motor Corporation which is one of the giants in two-wheeler manufacturing is likely to enter the 4-wheeler segment, they recently released a teaser of what looks like a silhouette of a sportscar.

2015 Yamaha 4-Wheeler Sportscar Concept
The silhouette of the Yamaha 4-wheeler reveals a sportscar concept

Yamaha had made its point clear about entering the car segment when it showcased the first two-door compact city car concept called ‘MOTIV’ back at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show. The company is now in plans of showcasing its latest sportscar concept at the next edition of the Tokyo Motor Show which will be held later this month on the 29th of October.

The teaser from Yamaha, only shows the silhouette of what could be a two-door, low slung sportscar concept. Though no details have been announced, the car might come with an IC engine borrowed from one of the electric line-up of sports bikes of Yamaha. The car also might be based on a high performance hybrid powertrain. Yamaha says that the design for the car has taken inspiration from its superbikes.

When Yamaha showcased its MOTIV back in 2013, it was designed by Gordon Murray (designer of the McLaren F1). This time too, the design of the concept car could be using design inputs from the iconic designer himself. With fuel efficiency and emissions being the prime factors of concern at the moment, it’s safe to say Yamaha will play it safe by offering the car as a high performance hybrid.

If the two-door concept car does enter production, its primary market will be Europe. The Japanese company has been trying to set-up a plant in Europe for the production of the MOTIV, but has not found a place yet. The concept which would be completely revealed at the Tokyo Motor Show is expected to go into production if it manages to catch the interest of the customers and critics alike.

2016 Yamaha MOTIVe Concept Side
The first concept car from Yamaha was showcased back in 2013, it was called MOTIV