Yamaha AMT Mechanism

Yamaha AMT gearbox announced, gets manual and automatic modes

The Japanese manufacturer Yamaha has announced the development of its own automatic gearbox system. It seems like Yamaha is trying to join the bandwagon for AMT’s with BMW and KTM as this comes just days after KTM teased their similar technology on the 1390 Super Adventure and BMW unveiling ASA, for its R 1300 GS.

The Japs call it the Y-AMT or Yamaha Automated Manual Transmission. However, this is not the first time Yamaha has thought about an AMT! Around twenty years ago the YCC-S (Yamaha Chip Controlled Shift) system for the FJR1300 sports tourer was developed. It featured an automatic hydraulic clutch actuation system that allows the rider to manually change gears using a finger-operated gear lever.

The new Y-AMT aims to help riders fully focus on enjoying the performance offered by their motorcycle, by adding the convenience of an automatic transmission to increase the fun and reduce fatigue.


  • Manual Shifting: The purists do get to shift the gears manually using the see-saw shift levers on the handlebar which help in having better control and accurate shifts.
  • Modes: The transmission comes with two modes: Automatic (D and D+) for low or high RPM shifts and of course a Manual transmission.
  • Crossplane-Crank Engine Compatibility: In order to work in unanimity with Yamaha’s Crossplane-Crank Engine’s. Y-AMT has been designed to amplify the power characteristics and the Sporty Ride Modes.

Would it perform better than its rivals? Only time can tell but looking at Yamaha’s successful history of producing reliable motorcycles, this can be a hit! Yamaha plans on featuring this technology in a wide range of their motorcycles. However, you can expect the MT-07 and the YZF-R7 to be the first ones rocking the Y-AMT. Would you be willing to spend a premium for the automatic transmission? Let us know in the comments!

Yamaha AMT
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