Yamaha Exciter F-155 Concept Side
We need more 2-wheelers that look at least half as good as this does, in India

At the launch of the Exciter 155, which took place recently in Vietnam, Yamaha showcased the F-155 concept that grabbed quite a few eyeballs.

The prototype which will be used as a base to develop the next-generation Exciter 155 looks absolutely stunning.

Based on the R15, the Yamaha Exciter F-155 concept utilises the bike’s chassis, engine, among other components, while looking very wild. Concepts are created to get people buzzing after all and in that case, Yamaha seems to have succeeded.

With its R15-inspired “face” also having a ram-air intake, the F-155 concept sports a single seat, minimal bodywork and even has aero blades at the rear, where a 3-slat tail light cluster sits.

Yamaha has given the concept USD front forks, a monoshock at the back, alloy wheels wrapped in racing slicks, disc brakes at both ends and a nice-looking underbelly exhaust.

It is important to understand the vehicle for what it is – a concept and thus, many of these design elements might well not make it to the production version of the next-generation Exciter 155.

The real bummer though is that even if Yamaha puts this concept into production, the chances of it making its way to India would be the same as the Indian Rupee holding an equal value to the British Pound Sterling by tomorrow.

But, when just taken as a thing to look at, dare I say that mopeds never have gotten any better.

Yamaha Exciter F-155 Concept

  • Yamaha Exciter F-155 concept revealed in Vietnam
  • This is how Yamaha thinks the R15 will look like as a moped
  • It borrows heavily from the small sportbike
Yamaha Exciter F-155 Concept Front
Well, it is a concept, so racing slicks are fine I guess
Rear Profile
When the production version of this comes out, it will look nothing like the concept
Yamaha Exciter F-155 Concept
It does have killer looks

Source – Iwanbanaran.com