Yamaha Fascino vs Suzuki Access

Yamaha Fascino 125 vs Suzuki Access 125- Spec Comparison

Two Japanese manufacturers who stepped into the small scooter segment in the Indian market after Honda, are Yamaha and Suzuki. While both of them have failed to de-throne Honda in the scooter segment, Suzuki has been the more successful one between Yamaha and Suzuki. Both manufacturers have already introduced the BS6 iterations of their leading scooters to take the fight to the Activa. Today, we try to find out which manufacturer has done a better job as we pitch the Yamaha Fascino vs the Suzuki Access in a spec comparison. We’ll be talking about the top models i.e. disc variant of the Fascino and the special edition of the Access 125.

Yamaha Fascino vs Suzuki Access Design

Sadly, none of the scooters look very striking or feature any standout styling elements. While there’s nothing too fancy about them, both look decent and aptly styled for the segment. The Fascino, on one hand, gets a new design for BS6 model and has a European feel to it now. It gets many new tidbits like a new round headlamp with chrome covering, a new tail light, black alloys and various chrome touches here and there. The chrome panels are black for some colour schemes which we feel are uncalled for. The overall design looks well put-together, though, and the only complaint we have with it is the rear tail light which looks overdone.

On the other hand, the Suzuki Access looks very similar to its previous iteration. The Access 125 gets a leatherette seat cover, brown panels between the seat and the handles, a chrome fuel cap, and even a chrome exhaust shield. Also, the headlamp and tail lamp are rectangular, which makes the Access look proportional overall. We feel that even though the Access 125 has an older design; it looks a pinch better than the Fascino, thanks to its dual-tone theme and leatherette seat cover. But if you’re into classic European scooters, you will probably like the Fascino more. Both scooters share chrome rearview mirrors, though.

Yamaha Fascino vs Suzuki Access Features

If you want a feature-rich scooter, you’ll have zero problems in deciding between the Fascino and the Access. Yamaha has equipped the Fascino with an automatic start-stop system, alloy wheels, side-stand engine cut-off switch, halogen headlamp and an analogue speedometer. As for the Suzuki Access 125, it gets a semi-digital speedometer (with an oil change indicator, dual trip meters and eco-assist illumination), ignition switch, alloys, LED headlamp, front storage space, external fuel cap and even a USB charging socket. Both scooters have a multi-function keyhole and a combined braking system in common. While the Access 125 misses out on the side-stand engine cut-off switch and an automatic start-stop system, it still packs more practical features than the Yamaha in this category. You should definitely pick the Access 125 if you’re looking for more features.

Yamaha Fascino vs Suzuki Access Performance

Both scooters have similar performance figures with marginal differences. For the common bits, both scooters get a CVT transmission, FI, air-cooling, twin-valves and a 125cc engine spec. Coming to the performance figures, the 125cc engine in the Fascino produces 8.2 BHP at 6500 RPM and 9.7 Nm of torque at 5000 RPM whereas the 124cc engine in the Access churns out 8.7 BHP at 6750 RPM and 10 Nm of torque at 5500 RPM.

For braking duties, both feature a disc at the front and a drum brake at the rear. Lastly, the fuel capacity is 5.2-litres for the Fascino and 5-litres for the Access. Both manufacturers claim that the fuel economy has gone up for the BS6 iterations, so the range should be similar overall. To conclude, as stated earlier, both are closely matched, but the Access makes a tad more power and torque giving it the upper hand.

Yamaha Fascino vs Suzuki Access Ergonomics And Handling

As expected, both scooters offer a comfortable riding posture and are suitable for commuting duties. Both scooters also get telescopic front forks and similar rear suspension too. Even the rim sizes are the same but the Yamaha Fascino gets a bigger rear tyre (110/90/10) as compared to the Access (90/100/10). But the Access again edges the Fascino with its lower seat height and more ground clearance. In the handling front, thanks to very similar numbers, there is very less difference between the two. But the Fascino is 4 kgs lighter than the Access, thus making it a tad better in the handling front. Overall, we’d say that both are comfortable scooters and will do their job pretty well.

Yamaha Fascino vs Suzuki Access Verdict

The Yamaha Fascino 125 (Disc Variant) retails at Rs. 86,363/- (on-road, Mumbai) while the Suzuki Access 125 (Special Edition) retails at Rs. 90,520/- (on-road, Mumbai). This makes the Access about Rs. 4000/- dearer than the Fascino. Is the extra premium justified? We think so, after all, the Access has more features on offer and even has a little more juice to it, which makes it the better scooter here. While we think the Fascino has become better overall, the Access is our pick here.

Yamaha Fascino vs Suzuki Access
The chrome panels on the Fascino are painted black for some colour schemes and degrade the look a little
Suzuki Access 125 Special Edition
The Access 125 looks somewhat same as before, but still rounds up well