Yamaha Hybrid Trike Concept Front
Yamaha hybrid leaning trike has different design and parts to that of the Niken

Patent images filed with the Japanese Patent Office (JPO) reveal that Yamaha hybrid leaning trike development is underway.

Yamaha Motor Company is leaning (got it?) towards the three-wheeled motorcycle concept more than expected. The new vehicle is said to be a series hybrid, wherein the engine would act as a generator to recharge the batteries on board.

Details about the concept are scarce, but it has similarities to the MW-Vision concept revealed at the Tokyo Motor Show last year.

Also, Yamaha could well make use of patents of Brudeli Tech Holding’s leaning three-wheelers, the Brudeli 654L and 625L, it bought in 2018, to develop the new vehicle.

Design-wise the Yamaha hybrid leaning trike shares nothing in common with the Niken, another multi-wheel motorcycle from the manufacturer. The front end has triple-LED headlamps on each side with car-like wishbones.

Two gas-charged suspension will provide the damping needed while the two wheels at front will provide extra grip and stability.

Looking at the side, one can see the exhaust pipe running along and underneath the rider’s footboard. It ends behind, just under where the pillion rider would place his/her feet.

The two exhaust outlets indicate that the internal combustion engine would have 2-cylinders, likely in a parallel layout and would be operated in the most efficient cycle.

The batteries and the electric motor are expected to be placed under the driver’s seat and while this compromises luggage space, Yamaha has made up for it with the large top box that also serves as a backrest for the pillion rider.

The top box also incorporates the rear light, while the rear wheel of the Yamaha leaning hybrid trike concept is chain driven. However, this could change if it is to be powered only by the electric motor. Also, each wheel has a disc to provide strong braking.

When it goes on sale, it would be interesting to see how crazy one can get with the lean angles, especially with two riders on the trike.

Yamaha Hybrid Leaning Trike

  • Yamaha hybrid leaning trike patent images uncovered
  • To be a series hybrid, with the electric motor driving the rear wheel
  • Shares no parts with Niken, has a completely new design
Yamaha Hybrid Trike Concept Patent
The Yamaha hybrid leaning trike could be a game-changer in the cruiser segment
Yamaha Hybrid Trike Concept Features
The rear top box would provide ample luggage space and support for the pillion rider
Yamaha Hybrid Trike Concept Rear
The rear wheel is likely to be driven by an electric motor that will be supported by the IC engine