Yamaha Bluetooth Connectivity

Yamaha has launched “Motorcycle Connect X”, a Bluetooth connectivity application feature for its two-wheelers.

We had only recently witnessed Suzuki come up with its own version of Bluetooth-enabled technology named “Ride Connect” and now Yamaha has followed suit.

To be initially available with the BS6 FZS-FI Dark Knight motorcycle from 1st November, the feature can be installed as an add-on accessory for the BS6 FZ-FI and FZS-FI bikes.

This feature addition comes under the brand’s “The Call of the Blue” campaign and riders need only download the Yamaha Motorcycle Connect X application from Play Store or iOS App Store.

There are six main features in the Yamaha Bluetooth connectivity application and they are – Answer back, E-Lock, Locate my bike, Hazard, Riding history and Parking record.

For example, upon engaging the “Answer Back” feature, the bike’s indicators start blinking and the horn starts beeping, while “Locate my bike” will illuminate the indicators for 10 seconds.

On the other hand, using the riding history feature, riders can access details like distance, average speed, brake count and battery voltage on the application and also get their vehicle’s last parked location.

With the introduction of the Bluetooth connectivity feature, the price of FZS-FI Dark Knight has been revised to Rs. 1,07,700/- (ex-showroom, Delhi). Soon, Yamaha India will introduce this feature to its entire two-wheeler lineup.

Yamaha Bluetooth Connectivity

  • Yamaha has launched the “Motorcycle Connect X” app
  • The Bluetooth-enabled app offers riders various features
  • Offered initially with the FZS-FI Dark Knight bike
Soon, this feature will be offered for all Yamaha two-wheelers