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Overall, the R15 V3 is definitely a step up from its predecessor

Verdict – Clearly, the R15 V3 is the best R15 yet. The bike is more of a revolution than an evolution as it still has its flaws. It is definitely pricey for a 150cc machine and still does not offer ABS. However, keeping aside the negatives, if you’re looking for a fun motorcycle (that even your girlfriend/wife can sit on without any problem) for your daily commutes to college/office that would fare equally well when you decide take it to the nearby hill stations or valleys, the R15 V3 is sure to be a happy ride companion.

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The slim LED headlights are clearly form over function

What’s Cool

* Gorgeous looks, the design makes it look more expensive than it is
* Comfortable and low-set pillion seat, well-padded too
* Powerful 150cc engine packs some serious punch in the top-end
* Improved rideability thanks to VVA, doesn’t lack punch in the city
* Assist and slipper clutch offers seamless downshifts
* Sharp handling, easy to flick due to light clip-on bars

What’s Not So Cool

* Super aggressive riding posture, the most committed R15 ever
* Not as refined as the R15 V2
* ABS not on offer, all other Japanese bike makers are offering it
* Grip from the front tyre isn’t impressive, optional Metzeler is only for the rear

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Yamaha offers an optional Metzeler tyre for the rear wheel for Rs. 9998/-

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