Yamaha does not plan on dropping the price of the R3 as no they have not planned on localising it. The demand for the R3 might see a decline in the future.

Yamaha R3 Long Term Review
The Yamaha R3 is targeted at the Kawasaki Ninja 300

Yamaha, the Japanese automaker has revolutionised the Indian market with historical motorcycles such as RX 100, RX 135 and RD 350. Yamaha has bikes to offer in all categories. Yamaha delivers performance with quality. Yamaha launched the R3 last year that was priced at quite a premium, missing out on ABS, not offered even as an option. R3 was Yamaha’s answer to the Kawasaki Ninja 300 and KTM RC 390.

Yamaha has sold a large number of bikes and scooters in the year 2015 and aims on increasing the number by the end of this year. Customer response to the Yamaha R3 was pretty decent as they sold around 600 units in the time scale of 5-6 months. But the numbers could have been better had Yamaha priced the bike attractively.

Yamaha does not plan on dropping the price of the R3 as they have not been able to localise it. Yamaha is still importing parts of the R3 and does not plan on its localisation any time soon. Yamaha plans to localise it when the sales match their numbers. This would cut down on the manufacturing cost, thus decreasing the price too. The R3 was launched at a price of Rs. 3.7 lakh and with its localising, it would be a bit value for money.

Yamaha had launched the YZF-R15 in India, an entry level sports bike, that brought them amazing sales. Right after its launch they received around 6000 bookings with a long waiting period across dealerships. Yamaha is expecting sales of the R3 to be about 1500 units by the end of its first year in the market as it is a new segment altogether. Yamaha believes slowly and steadily the R3 will get a better grip of the market because this bike has a lot of potential.

Yamaha R3 Price Reduction

– Yamaha doesn’t plan to localise the R3 for India
– There is no price reduction planned for the R3
– The Yamaha R3 will get an ABS variant later this year
– Yamaha isn’t targeting big volumes with the R3

Yamaha R3 Long Term Report
No cost cutting for now for the Yamaha R3