While there has not been an official statement regarding any recalls for India, Yamaha has been recalling its YZF-R3 worldwide, and as of yet, has recalled close to 1500 units of the bike, citing transmission and engine oil pump issues.

2015 Yamaha YZF-R3 India Specifications
Close to 1500 units have been already recalled

Yamaha has announced a recall of its mid-sized sports bike, the YZF-R3. The recall comes as a result of faulty oil pumps and transmission related issue that were later discovered in some of the dispatched bikes. While no reports regarding the recall have surfaced in India, there is a high possibility of the Indian variants being recalled as well. This is due to the CKD nature of the R3, as it is assembled in India by importing the CKD kits from Thailand.

According to Yamaha, the oil pump has been detected to have a design flaw with its engine plunger which restricts the functioning of the prime mover. The transmission issues lie with the bearings of the clutch plate. The bearings do not possess the strength required for prolonged or less than favourable clutch operations. A bearing failure may render the bike immobile.

Alongside the YZF-R3, Yamaha has also recalled the YZF-R25, MT-25, MT-03 and YZF-R25A. While these models carry the same issues, the MT series was also diagnosed with front brake problems, again with the design, which caused the brake fluid lines to come in contact with the radiator, resulting in fluid leakage. This led to decreased braking power which could cause serious accidents.

Recalls for India are more likely to happen, than not, as the oil pumps and clutch plate bearings used in the R3s on our roads have the same components shipped over from abroad. However, as said earlier, Yamaha has made no official comment regarding the Indian R3s as the company is still investigating the matter at hand.

Yamaha R3 Recalled

– Yamaha has recalled the YZF-R3 due to oil pump and transmission issues
– The oil pump has certain design faults which makes it dysfunctional
– The transmission has faulty clutch bearings which may render the bike immobile
– A total of 1500 YZF-R3s have been recalled

Yamaha R3 Long Term Report
The recall was made due to oil pump and transmission issues