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Upcoming Full Faired Pulsar 375 Rendered

2013 Pulsar 375 Full Faired

Biking is such a delight that any news of a new motorcycle launch makes us excited. Nothing is as exciting as a new Pulsar, specially when the said Pulsar is going to be the most powerful Pulsar till date. Post the unveil of the KTM 390 Duke, we all have got a rough idea as to what will power the upcoming Pulsar 375. The upcoming Bajaj flagship was expected to look similar to the Pulsar 200 NS but a few leaked pictures of the Pulsar 375 reveal it to be a full faired machine, so without much ado, we have quickly come up with our rendering.

The upcoming Pulsar 375 will be the Pulsar 200 NS underneath, using many components from it. However the external skin will be different. A full fairing is a very desirable prospect in India and thus Bajaj Auto is going to satisfy the thirst of biking enthusiasts with a Pulsar 375 Sport. Now styling wise, the Pulsar 375 will definitely grab a lot of attention although the design of the fairing might not be very aerodynamic (no wind tunnel testing here). Bajaj Auto is definitely going to work on the ergonomics to make the P375 more comfortable for touring.

Powering the Pulsar 375 will be a similar engine as the 390 Duke. Power delivery will be slightly less though and one can expect an output of around 40 BHP and 30 Nm, which will give it stellar performance. With so much performance on tap, ABS should be offered on the Pulsar 375. The Pulsar 200 NS already has splendid brakes with surefooted stopping power offered by those petal discs. The only concern will be the pricing. With a full fairing pushing cost upwards, it remains to be seen how the Pulsar 375 and 390 Duke co-exist without protruding into each others territories.

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  • Akash

    How did you render this on. Which software ?? What do you do ??

    • Anupam Singh Parihar

      Rendering is done on Adobe Photoshop. Hope u like it !

    • Akash

      Yeah I liked it :)

      I thought you have designed on CATIA or PRO-E or something else.

    • Anupam Singh Parihar


  • sannat

    When this beast gonna launch

    • Anupam Singh Parihar

      Dates not sure yet.. Probably at the end of the year..

  • spitfire

    bro do not get me wrong though……your rendering lacks originality bacause the whole front fairing seems to be lifted from The Honda DN-01 concept bike, it does not do any justice to the pulsar’s design…as far as the silhouette is concerned it still looks like a streetfighter with an extended engine cowling…it could have been original……u should have tried out CRP ENERGICA’S faring which wud have looked smashing on the existing pulsar’s architecture..

  • Anupam

    My dear friend, I appreciate your eye for detailing. I would like to tell you that this is a concept render and not a copy paste work. You may find it similar to Honda DN-01 but if you look closely they are very different .Honda has a very stretched front mask with a very long headlamp which probably gives a sense of a shark like face and all the surfaces are very rounded whereas in our render all surfaces are sharp and crisp.with lots of edges for sharp light reflections. which is nowadays is Pulsar’s signature style.
    Pulsar design language is that they have sharp edges, lots of surfaces instead of a single plane surface with features ,slanting slope on tank which starts from driver side and goes down towards front which I had tried to capture by extending that prominent line to the mask and that mask surfaces are converting from convex surface to concave surface which is not at all present in the DN-01.
    And as far as silhouette is concern, yes it has a little street fighter stance and it is because fully sports bike will not be very comfortable for daily commuter, like if you see CBR and R15 comfort for CBR is better than R15 and I think Bajaj will also go for CBR kind of stance(a sports tourer).
    Concepts are very subjective, some may find it convincing others may not find in convincing. If you want to discuss it more we can do it on our forum.

  • spitfire

    bro do not get me wrong… i was expressing my views regarding your rendered image being an auto enthusiast, as far as the silhouette is concerned u have told that ,”And as far as silhouette is concern, yes it has a little street fighter stance and it is because fully sports bike will not be very comfortable for daily commuter, like if you see CBR and R15 comfort for CBR is better than R15 and I think Bajaj will also go for CBR kind of stance(a sports tourer)” BAJAJ have told they gonna launch a full faired bike and not a half-streetfighter , BAJAJ knows that SUPERSPORTS riding position will not b comfortable to commuters who is gonna used it for daily basis which puts huge pressure on wrists n back….your rendering should atleast have resembled sumthing to a sports-tourer…

    • Anupam

      Hey No Problems bro.. i was also telling you what i had in my mind when i was rendering it, in the end its concept rendering not a final product and we all can just imagine, how the final bike may look like. We can disuss that for very long :-) Thanks for your detailed comment.

  • spitfire

    sure thing bro :)

  • Rakesh

    Fweeeh, hope it so happens as said above, cos we can’t see another look alike pulsar, . . If the design is changed, they will obviously attract more customers and it is a sign of better growth, cos not everyone likes same kind of looking pulsars with different engines. . . Waiting to see how the new pulsar is going to be. . .

  • Abhay pal


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