The Bajaj RE Tuk Tuk uses a Honda CBR650RR 4-cylinder engine producing 100 BHP of power and is equipped with machine guns, missiles and even a flame thrower.

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To put it very bluntly, the auto rickshaw also called as the Tuk Tuk is one of the most underrated vehicles ever produced. It is the kind of vehicle you don’t turn around and have a second look at, despite the fact that it carries four occupants with relative ease (driver + 3), while offering low maintenanace and high fuel efficiency. However, there was someone who understood the true potential of the Tuk Tuk and here is what emerged when the Bajaj RE was combined by his rather out of the box efforts.

Going by the YouTube name ‘Colinfroze’, this eccentric (for the lack of a better word) junkyard enthusiast has swapped the stock engine on the Bajaj RE with a Honda CBR600RR’s 4-cylinder motor and calls it the ‘Super Tuk Tuk’. While the Super Tuk Tuk may seem not much different from the stock Tuk Tuks, this version here has 100 BHP of power lurking at the back. Being light in weight with all that power, the Super Tuk Tuk comes with an extremely overwhelming power to weight ratio that makes power slides, burnouts and even doughnuts a walk in the park.

Compared to the stock version, Colinfroze has reinforced the chassis on the Super Tuk Tuk and has also added meatier tyres that offer better grip. You will also notice the bigger exhaust pipe at the back compared to the straw sized unit on the stock model, which is certainly how you would wish the auto rickshaws should sound. In addition to the mechanical changes, Colinfroze has added a special set of weaponry on the Tuk Tuk that reenacts the model from the Far Cry 4 video game. Much like the game, the Super Tuk Tuk comes equipped with mechanised guns, roof mounted missiles and even a rear flame thrower; the last one being the only working weapon on the vehicle.

Colinfroze purchased the Tuk Tuk on eBay and made changes to the entire vehicle himself. With an absolutely maddening package, this guy has certainly hit the sweet spot with Tuk Tuk driver’s world over. What the Super Tuk Tuk could also turn out be is a very good anti-zombie tank in the same avatar. If anyone is planning an Indian remake of the Walking Dead, we highly recommend this.

[youtube: 540 375]

Bajaj RE Auto Rickshaw With Honda CBR600RR Engine
The Bajaj Auto gets no changes to the exteriors unlike its powertrain
Bajaj Super Tuk Tuk Reinforced Chassis
Colinfroze reinforced the Auto’s chassis to handle the weight of the new engine
Bajaj Super Tuk Tuk Colinfroze
Re-enacting Far Cry 4, the Super Tuk Tuk comes with guns, missiles & a flame thrower
Bajaj Super Tuk Tuk 100 BHP
The Super Tuk Tuk would be the perfect Zombie killer in India
Tuk Tuk Flame Thrower
Now that can scare anyone on the road, a must have add-on for our rickshaws maybe