After Mitsubishi, Suzuki also confessed the usage of improper efficiency tests. However, Indian models of Maruti Suzuki remain unaffected.

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Proper testing did not show much deviance from earlier data

Suzuki’s admission to usage of improper testing methods for their fuel efficiency tests has caused quite a stir. However, further scrutiny into the norms revealed that the discrepancies would not affect vehicles sold overseas under the Suzuki badge. The issue was caused due to the difference in certain regulations pertaining only to the Japanese transport ministry. After the recent incident with Mitsubishi, the ministry has asked for an internal probe of all the Japanese manufacturers.

The reveal however, caused Suzuki’s shares to fall by 15%. This is the highest drop seen in 16 years. This also caused a domino effect, as Maruti too recorded a fall of 2.59% yesterday morning. Suzuki now looks to control any further damage caused by this statement.

Suzuki did admit that the methods used for testing had a few discrepancies. Overall 16 models and about 2 million units have been affected in Japan. However, the company also added that the problem was limited to vehicles sold in Japan and no violations were found in the vehicles sold overseas. It explained that the regulations and methods used for testing vehicles in India are different from those used in Japan. The Indian tests are carried out by government approved agencies like ARAI, ICAT and VRDE.

Upon further verification of the tests conducted in India, it was concluded that the existing test data was complying with Indian emission norms. Also no changes were required to be made in the efficiency figures released by the company for its Indian models. However, the company will have to make some efforts to regain its lost goodwill due to this confusion.

Suzuki Emission Controversy

– Suzuki admits use of improper efficiency testing methods for their vehicles in Japan
– The company clarified that this would not affect their vehicles overseas, which was later confirmed
– Suzuki’s shares fell by 15%, while Maruti recorded a fall of 2.59%

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The vehicles sold in India will remain unaffected