Tata Motors will soon launch the Safari Storme facelift and the company is betting big on the vehicle. We have got hold of the product guide which reveals all the details of this SUV.

2015 Tata Safari Storme Product Guide
“Pray to the new power” is what will be seen on the new ads of the Tata Safari Storme

Tata Motors will launch the Safari Storme next month, after the GenX Nano goes on sale. The vehicle has been long awaited but has been delayed for reasons best known to the company. In the time taken by Tata Motors to bring a facelift to the market, other manufacturers have made a new generation model in that much time! The vehicle doesn’t get drastic changes, the power has increased by 10 PS but the torque output remains the same, there is no 6-speed gearbox or an autobox and basic features like climate control AC, multi-information display, touch-screen audio system have been omitted (all this is offered on the cheaper Bolt and Zest).

Tata Motors plans to aggressively promote the Safari Storme and has started dealer dispatches. The company will run a 3-week print campaign in leading newspapers. It has also planned a 1800 spot radio campaign during May to tap into the IPL frenzy. The Safari Storme will also be aggressively promoted on social media platforms and a contest will be run to build excitement around the SUV. However, calling the vehicle as “All New Tata Safari Storme” won’t make it all-new, it’s still a minor refresh at best.

Tata Motors wants to tap into existing Safari customers and will launch the ‘Safari Upgrade Program’, targeting the 1.21 lakh Safari owners. Corporate campaign, finance schemes, etc. will be done to boost sales but with the Mahindra Scorpio being more loaded and also a more value for money product, this Safari won’t kick up any storm on the sales chart. Meanwhile, what are the list of changes? A picture speaks a 1000 words, we have 33 pictures for you here which go through the detailed changes on the vehicle.

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The front-end gets revisions, notice the new grille

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Top 5 features of the Tata Safari Storme

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Nope, there is no 400 Nm of torque as rumoured earlier

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Peak torque now comes in earlier for improved city performance

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New timing belt for better reliability

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The audio system in the Zest looks better

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There is no touch-screen which is shocking

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Small display and that too low down isn’t an ergonomic fit

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Java black interiors, similar to the ones in the Bolt

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Steering wheel comes from the Zest, looks a bit awkward

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Silver accents apparently add to the premium looks!

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Nope, no leather seats on the Tata Safari Storme

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One of the most comfortable rear seats in any Indian car

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New grille apparently gives the Safari Storme an “international” look!

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Shift on the fly 4×4 knob now moved to under the audio system

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4×4 version will be less popular due to the higher cost

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Not much on the features front, still no climate control or multi-information display

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New clutch for lesser wear and longer life

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Increase in fuel tank to 63-litres, mileage also gone up

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The Safari Storme now gets a flip key, similar to the Bolt and Zest

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The spare key will be the same as the old one, no flip for it

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The mirrors can be electrically retracted, also get heated function

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All four disc brakes were always there on the Safari Storme

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Tata Motors is trying to improve the ownership experience

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Extended warranty can be purchased till 2 years after purchase of the vehicle

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Oil change interval has been increased but is it a good thing?

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The service calendar has been changed

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Tata claims service costs have reduced on the Safari Storme

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Three variants are offered – LX, EX and VX

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Variant wise list of changes, no trim gets a clock

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5 colours are offered on the new Safari Storme

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Tata could have done a better job with the equipment levels considering the time taken