While the ride is excellent, handling isn’t as good as the sedan

Driving Dynamics – The BMW 3-Series Gran Turismo has a very comfortable ride which can be attributed to the way the suspension is set up. It glides over bad roads and doesn’t feel unsettling even at high speeds. Sure, the suspension isn’t as stiff as the sedan but remember this is a more practical car? Talking about handling, the steering offers good enough feel and the car feels controlled even during hard manoeuvres. However, body roll is quite noticeable and the GT doesn’t feel as eager as the 3-Series sedan around the corners. In fact, the GT and the sedan feel completely different from each other when it comes to dynamics. The tyres though have good levels of grip and braking performance is also nothing to complain about.

The 3-GT is actually a very good car with hardly any negatives

Verdict – The BMW 3-Series GT is a good alternative to the 3-Series sedan if you like the latter but want some more practicality out of it. To compensate for the added practicality, you lose out on some of the fun that the sedan offers. However, the 330i GT is good at what it does and isn’t exactly boring to drive either. This engine is peppy enough to keep you satisfied all the time and you’ll definitely like the comfort if you’re not a fan of the sedan. Also, if you want the practicality of the GT along with an efficient oil-burner, the 320d GT makes sense too.

The new iDrive system takes some time getting used to

What’s Cool

* The LCI package gets better equipment, the new LED lights are fantastic
* The 3-GT offers a comfortable ride, good space too
* The petrol engine is a very good unit with punchy power delivery

What’s Not So Cool

* Not as agile as its sedan counterpart

Alternatives: None

The 330i badge is actually a bit iconic for enthusiasts

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