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The Mustang sticks to the road like a leech at high speeds

Driving Dynamics – You might expect a high-performance car like the Ford Mustang to have a hardcore track focused suspension setup but no. The Mustang is quite a versatile performance car when it comes to driving dynamics. It handles both the rough and smooth very well. The suspension is definitely stiff but it’s not back breaking and instead absorbs rough roads and undulations very well. Yes, big potholes and bumps will unsettle the car. The ride is flat and high speed stability is amazing, it hugs the road and moves like a brick. During our drive from Goa to Bangalore there were a lot of nasty bumps and speed breakers, we took them with an angle and the Mustang didn’t touch its underbelly anywhere. This is one of the most important aspects to consider while buying a performance car in India and the Mustang scores high in this department adding to the practicality.

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The Pony car is quite agile on corners and handles like a dream

The ride and handling balance of the Mustang is sweet and manageable too on Indian roads

The steering comes with three modes – Comfort, Normal and Sport. In comfort mode, the steering feels light and easy to manoeuvre in city driving conditions and while parking. The Normal mode can be used in mixed driving conditions making the steering more weighty while the Sport mode makes tight and confidence inspiring while you are throwing the Pony around the bends. The handling is quite sharp and agile, the Mustang darts its nose into the corners keenly. The feedback from the wheel could have been better but it still is super fun around the twisties like we experienced on the ghats of Goa-Bangalore route. Braking performance is strong and it sheds speed very quick from triple digit speeds.

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This badge on the dashboard gives you the essence of the original American muscle car

Safety and After Sales Service – Ford has provided quite a lot of safety tech with the Mustang including dual front airbags, side & curtain airbags, driver knee airbag, ESP, Traction Control, Hill Launch Assist and more. However, in the recent Euro NCAP crash test, the Mustang scored just 2 stars because of the lack of safety features for the rear seats. Though it scored 5 stars at crash test facilities in other countries. Ford has a wide network across the country but for the Mustang there are exclusive service centres in cities where the Pony is available. Parts won’t come cheap as it is a CBU model and components are imported to India.