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The TUV300 felt under-powered on the hills especially when compared to the Scorpios

For most part of this trip, I drove the Mahindra TUV300 mHawk100. The compact SUV is spacious and feels very robust when you drive it on bad roads but the ride feels quite bouncy. While the engine has a strong enough mid-range, the car just feels too underpowered on empty roads and on inclines and ghats you can actually feel it grasping for breath at times. All our cars were running on CEAT tyres thanks to them being one of the official sponsors. Fuel efficiency is excellent though, and the tank range is also very long which is really useful for long drives. The car which I was driving had issues with the steering alignment and the audio system was acting funny too. However, my eyes were set on the Scorpio Getaway which was a part of the convoy and was being driven by Mahindra official Manish Sarser. I love pick-up trucks a lot and since it was a free day in Paro, I got the car for a couple of hours and drove it quite a bit to check out how it feels.