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Driving on these winding roads was super engaging

We finally neared Punakha and the roads started getting narrower. Punakha is a very small town located right next to a river and temperatures are pretty low too. When we went, it was around 3 degrees and trust me, I really found solace in my heated hotel room. However, Punakha is one of those quaint and peaceful places that you can only dream about. There’s no noise anywhere, hardly any population and the scenery all around is a view to behold. There are mountains on one side while a river flows across the town and on the other side there are some nice hotels.

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We stopped for a quick photo op just before entering our hotel

The joy of such trips is that you get to see some really beautiful sights

The evening in Punakha was spent in leisure and later on, Mahindra had organised a fun and frolic evening starting off with some cultural music and dances followed by some foot-tapping party songs. To top it all, we had some lip smacking food that day. The best part about this evening was that everyone got a chance to interact with each other properly and that really made for some interesting conversations.

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The small town is quite clean and pretty

We were supposed to drive from Punakha to Paro in the afternoon but before that, we were free in the morning and later got a chance to do some sight-seeing too. I got up quite early in the morning and went to the riverside to soak in the fresh air and enjoy the view around me without any sort of distraction. You know it feels very rejuvenating when you find such a peaceful place because I don’t think there’s anything like this at least in Mumbai! While I was basking in the morning sun, the other participants had gone to visit the temple of fertility which was pretty close to our hotel.

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The parked convoy made for an amazing sight at the lunch halt on the riverside

It was already noon by the time everyone arrived and we were directed to pack our bags and load them in our cars. We headed to the riverside for lunch and the entire arrangement was so beautiful, I still can’t get it out of my head. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a mind-blowing place. On one side, we parked all our cars with the mountains in the backdrop and right to it was the lunch area which was facing the river. Sitting on my desk in Mumbai while writing this story, I’m totally reliving those amazing moments.