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The Scorpio Getaway is one car that many enthusiasts will like

The very first thing I noticed is how the ergonomics on the Scorpio Getaway are better than the TUV300. The driving position is also spot on, though the old-school dashboard is reminiscent of the old generation Scorpio. Fired up the 2.2-litre engine and went around Paro and on some of the twisties. The engine feels so tractable and the Getaway is actually super enjoyable to drive. The steering gives awesome feedback and even though it is a bit heavy on the ghats, you get the hang of it pretty soon. The Getaway can also carry loads of luggage and has more than enough punch on the highways, which makes it a very good car for long distance cruising. It lacks features and modernity though.

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Bhutan doesn’t have any straight highways, just twisties everywhere

The year ended on a high note in Paro but the temperatures were really low and it was very chilled. I am super thrilled about the fact that I embarked on this wonderful trip this New Years and this has been an experience that’ll be cherished for long. The first day of 2018 started on a lazy note and then we started driving back towards Chalsa, via Phuntsholing. It was indeed a long drive and we reached Phuntsholing in the evening where we took a quick halt for some piping hot pakodas, before heading towards India. When you cross the gate from Bhutan to India, you can instantly make out the difference between both the countries right from the quality of air to the cleanliness to the general etiquette followed by people.

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The convoy taking a rest at our lunch halt on the last day

After we finally entered India, we still had another 100 kms left before we reached Chalsa. We reached the hotel by 10 pm and exactly a week back, from this very same hotel, we did our official flag-off at a similar time. Damn, this week flew by very quickly but the feeling of satisfaction of completing a nice road trip safely is just another thing. Just like some of the previous expeditions we’ve attended, this one too was managed by XSO (Xtreme Sports Organisation) which is a part of Northern Motorsport and it is amazing to see the way they handle things, the way they prepare for the entire trip with so much attention to detail and a lot of emphasis is given to safety too. The next day, we bid our goodbyes to everyone and headed to Bagdogra airport to catch our flights back home. Bhutan, you shall be remembered!

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