The handling is predictable and the Ignis feels eager to corner

Driving Dynamics – The ride and handling balance of the Ignis is well matched. The slow speed ride is good and comfortable but as you speed up, the rear tends to get a bit bouncy on undulations. However, the high speed stability is excellent and even with a light body, you don’t feel nervous doing triple digit speeds. The steering is too light and doesn’t provide enough feedback. The Ignis takes the corners decently well but if you push it hard around the bends, the tyres tend to screech. Braking performance is good with the ideal pedal bite and the Ignis comes with ABS and EBD as standard across all the trims.

Maruti is offering safety features as standard across all trims

Safety and After Sales Service – Maruti Suzuki has taken a step forward in terms of safety. The carmaker is offering ABS, EBD and dual front airbags as standard across all the trims of the Ignis. The Ignis is being retailed through the premium network of NEXA dealership which is rapidly growing across the country. The after sales service of Maruti is known to be the best in the business with low cost of maintenance and the same is expected with the new Maruti Ignis.