2017 Mercedes E-Class LWB Review
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2017 Mercedes E-Class LWB Review

Car Tested: 2017 Mercedes E350d; Road Test No. 787; Test Location: Goa

Price OTR Mumbai: Rs. 65.32 – 81.13 lakhs

The Mercedes E-Class LWB is what can be termed as a proper business class car!

Sauve, classy, regal, powerful, comfortable – that’s the set of words I would use to describe a car that I’m driving today. What is it? It’s the 2017 Mercedes E-Class LWB V213, a car that has been made specially for the Indian market. Right from the days of the classic W124, the E-Class has been a favourite with the elite audience in India. The E-Class now enters the 10th generation and we’re here to find out how the baby S fares.

Motor Quest: The 10th Generation E-Class is available in the long wheelbase version only in the left hand drive trim and the RHD LWB version has been designed specifically for the Indian market. Mercedes entered India much before its rivals and they sure know our market better.

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Styling looks great, E-Class has a rich appeal to it

Exteriors – Compared the to the 9th gen E-Class, the new E has gone a few leagues ahead in terms of design. The styling is highly inspired by the S-Class and we totally love this design. The front fascia carries the standard Mercedes face with a large logo encrusted in the grille. I, for one, would have preferred the logo on the hood though, you know it just has a better appeal. The LED headlamps look striking and the bumper gets a sporty touch, something that differentiates it from the S.

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The long wheelbase makes the car look from a segment higher

A lot of styling elements have been borrowed from the S-Class

Move to the side and the long wheelbase makes the car look like a limo. What I really like about the new E is that it has a sense of royalty attached to it and it is a sure shot feel good factor for buyers in this segment. Mercedes has skipped low profile tyres and have provided a more sensible set of 17-inch wheels which have generous sidewall size. The rear again reminds you of the S-Class and to a layman, identifying the new E from the S would be quite a task. Overall, Mercedes is scoring on the design front and we must say that the E looks the best in its segment, as of now.