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Unlike the exteriors, the interior receives minor changes

Interiors – The interior of the new 7-Series is a soothing place to be in and creates a stark contrast to the bold exteriors. Little has changed, but the cabin of the 7-Series seldom feels outdated. Of the minor changes, the most important one is the updated infotainment system. It is crisper, gives you more shortcuts and we love the attention to detail like the colour of the on-screen car which matched that of exteriors. The iDrive system is fantastic as always and remains our favourite.

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The driver-centric dashboard and supportive front seats feel sporty

The cabin of the 7-Series comes loaded with rich materials and all the latest tech

BMW has loaded the 7 with all the gizmos one could imagine. Apart from the loaded infotainment system, you get a Harman-Kardon premium audio system, remote assisted parking, ambient lighting, panoramic sunroof, rear-seat entertainment and so on. The front seats offer very good support and are quite comfortable. The driver-centric dashboard makes it easy to control things. The sharp, clear, all-digital instrument cluster is amply customisable and very legible on the go.

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One can simply fold the front seat and relax at the rear

The real party piece of the 7, like all limousines, is the backseat. The seats recline to a considerable degree offering first-class comfort. BMW gives you a tablet to control everything from the infotainment to the sunshades and it is really handy. The seats are first-rate and one will not be left wanting for more, be it in headroom or legroom. Equipment like the four-zone climate control and the optional lounge seats simply make it one of the best rear seats we have ever experienced.

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The remarkable attention to detail & quality levels justify its price

The rear seats do recline and offer one of the most comfortable, luxurious and spacious rear-seat experiences

Quality is seriously impressive and the cabin is very well put together. The finish and the feel of the buttons is quite good and we also like the choice of colours and wood trims BMW is offering. If there is one complaint that we have, it is that the dashboard looks a bit generic. However, it is the case with all luxury saloons and with so many features and top-drawer quality, it is certainly not a deal-breaker.