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Sensational ride quality & well contained body roll lead to a smooth ride

Driving Dynamics – The BMW 7-Series is quite a light car by limo standards, it weighs under 1800 kgs, largely because of the CarbonCore structure as it uses CFRP (Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymer), aluminium and high tensile steel. It’s just not light in terms of the weight but also in the way it drives, feeling quite nimble for its size. The modes really alter the parameters as there is a stark difference between Comfort and Sport modes, the steering being lighter in the former while weighing up better in the latter. The car uses self-levelling air suspension on all wheels which brings in some float at high speeds but it’s quite minimal, although, at lower speeds on bad roads, you can feel a bit of the stiffness, the ride quality, for the most part, is nothing short of phenomenal.

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Feedback rich steering and great high speed stability inspire confidence

The 7-Series has lost weight and it shows in the way it drives and handles

Body roll is well contained for a limo and the 7-Series is quite eager around the corners with great traction at all times, you can turn DSC to Sport or turn it off completely and it will spin the rear wheels when you launch the vehicle aggressively. The steering is excellent and the aero bits do help in ensuring great high-speed stability (the massive grille closes the vents to make the car more aero efficient and there are functional air curtains too). Braking performance is exemplary and there is no nose dive or uneasiness even when you stomp hard on the brake pedal.