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Comfort mode provides a pleasant ride while Sport+ makes it more fun

Driving Dynamics – The Porsche Macan is based on the first generation Q5 platform and thus can neither be electrified nor will there be a hybrid model for this generation, rear-wheel steering is also out of the equation. Still, it’s quite shocking how dynamic the Macan is, dare I say it, it’s the best handling SUV. The driving modes alter the engine, gearbox, steering and suspension of the Macan as it rides on air springs which alter the ride height and spring rate.

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T steering provides very impressive feedback and body control is brilliant

The Macan is the best handling SUV in its segment along with insane body control

In Comfort mode, it feels soft and cushiony while in Sport+, it doesn’t feel as harsh as you would expect, yes, it’s firm but not in an uncomfortable way, largely because of the rather high profile tyres having enough sidewall to tackle our bad roads. But it’s really the way the Macan changes the direction that will put you in disbelief about it being an SUV, it just holds a line like a rail and the steering offers supreme communication too, this is a car which really means the Sports in SUV. Braking performance and grip from the all-wheel-drive system (it can channel 100% torque to either axle if need be) is great too while high-speed stability is nothing short of astonishing.