Porsche Macan SUV Prototype

Four wheelers have been a luxury in most parts of Africa for all these years but slowly the trend has been changing due to the change in economic status of customers. We can estimate this by considering the monthly sales of cars in emerging countries. The demand for luxury cars in Asian countries is strong and the growth in the sales volumes is expected to increase by a huge number, so luxury car makers are opening their dealerships in these countries to increase their sales volumes. In addition, automakers are aware that they must identify new markets in order to ensure growth.

The Stuttgart based car-maker, Porsche, which is the third largest brand of the Volkswagen Group is reportedly planning to enter 15 new countries by 2020 mostly in the African continent. The Volkswagen owned sports car manufacturer wants to sell more than 2,00,000 vehicles in the 2015 fiscal and this might be the reason for expansion into new markets so as to achieve the set target.

In addition to the expansion into new markets, Porsche is also looking for growth in terms of sales volumes. The company will be launching new models such as the Macan SUV which is a crossover. The vehicle is expected to become the brand’s best seller as it will be priced less than the Cayenne which is the present best seller for the German company.

According to Porsche, the Macan SUV is expected to sell in large volumes in new markets such as China, Russia and Southeast Asia as the officials believe that the crossover would be best used to exploit these new markets. Porsche has also released some pictures of the upcoming Macan crossover which is presently in its testing phase. The company recently opened a dealership in Shanghai which is the largest Porsche showroom in the world, showing the importance of emerging markets for the 911 maker.

Porsche Macan SUV testing

Porsche Macan SUV Wallpaper