2020 Honda CBR400R Front
The 2020 Honda CBR400R features the same LED headlamps as before

The Honda CBR400R was first unveiled in 2013 and it has been a hit in the global market ever since. People who have ridden the CBR400R have always said pleasant things about it. While it has received multiple facelifts and updates over the years, the 2020 Honda CBR400R remains almost the same as the 2019 version.

The Honda CBR400R hosts a 399cc twin-cylinder engine, which churns out 46 HP and 37 Nm of torque and the claimed top-speed is around 180 km/hr. The transmission is a 6-speed gearbox but misses out on slipper-clutch. At 182 kg dry, the motorcycle is a little heavy and if you fill the 15-litre tank; the weight exceeds the 190 kg mark.

For 2020, the Honda CBR400R receives minimal changes. Whereas the performance figures remain exactly the same, the CBR logo on the fairings is updated. Now it’s the same one from Honda’s top-of-the-line superbike – Honda CBR1000RR-R. While people may not find this change refreshing or new, Honda says that this logo will strengthen the brand value of the 2020 Honda CBR400R in the market. Apart from this, there aren’t any changes to the motorcycle.

Design-wise the Honda CBR400R is clearly based on the Honda CBR500R and many people may even fail to differentiate between the two. But this is not a terrible thing. The CBR500R looks modern and radical and can attract young customers just by its look. With a similar design, this statement stands true for the 400R as well.

Although the KTM RC 390 and Kawasaki Ninja 400 are the Honda CBR400R’s immediate rivals, people also compare it with the Kawasaki Ninja 300, Yamaha R3, and even the TVS Apache RR 310. It’s safe to say that the Honda CBR400R fares well against its rivals with its powerful performance figures and versatile nature.

Honda plans on retailing this bike in the market from 31st July in Japan. It will come at a price-tag of 808,500 Yen (roughly Rs. 5.7 lakhs). The CBR400R might never make it to Indian shores, but with the ongoing rumour that Honda plans to launch many 500cc motorcycles in India (CBR500R included) in the upcoming year, maybe they’ll launch the CBR400R as well.

2020 Honda CBR400R

  • The bike will retail in the market from 31st July at 808,500 Yen (~ Rs. 5.7 lakhs)
  • Gets a new CBR logo which is the same one from the Honda CBR1000RR-R
  • The 2020 variant has the same ergonomics and performance figures as before
2020 Honda CBR400R Dash
The instrument cluster remains unchanged, but it still looks up-to-date
2020 Honda CBR400R Rear
We really like how the rear end of the motorcycle looks, specially the KTM RC 390 like grab rails