2023 Tata Safari owner faces major issues with the new infotainment system

2023 Tata Safari was launched recently with the addition of new features including the larger touchscreen infotainment system with new UI. One of our subscribers Ayushman from Lucknow bought the car 1.5 months back from SRM Motors Lucknow and is facing a lot of issues with the display.

First up he faced an issue with the reverse camera. As soon as he puts the reverse gear, the display comes up with a different image altogether. As you can see in the video, the owner has put reverse in the dark while a car is parked behind and the display shows an image of a street in bright daylight where there is no car parked behind. This issue has occurred multiple times.

Few days later he discovered that the display freezes completely. While changing the AC controls via the display, the screen just hanged and didn’t take any input from the user.

Now after a while the owner faced another new issue wherein the menu of the infotainment system is changing constantly without any input.

The owner has visited the service centre multiple times. On every visit they update the software of the infotainment system but as soon as the owner leaves the centre it is back to square one. Few days back they changed the silver box of the infotainment as well. Even the guys from Harman spent a good 6-7 hours on the system and as soon as the owner took back the car, the same issues came back again.

We hope Tata Motors resolve the issue at the earliest and rolls out an update that fixes these glitches in all the affected cars.

2023 Tata Safari Infotainment Glitch
Owner facing multiple issues with the infotainment system
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It is just a 1.5 month old vehicle