Sun control films were earlier allowed with 70 percent visibility in the front and rear windshield while 50 percent visibility was allowed on the side window glasses. However, in the light of the heinous crimes committed in cars these days, the Supreme Court banned the use of sun films on window glasses or anything obstructing the view such as curtains. Your cabin is bound to get very hot on a sunny day, while privacy will be completely lost. So what does the regular driver do in such a situation?

Considering the rule was mandated for security reasons, it is best to try and find a solution from the following alternatives and not pay a fine for having sun films.

1. Detachable Sun shades

Vacumm Suction Sun Shades
Made from mesh, detachable sun shades are the safest and the cheapest alternative available in the market. The sun shades come in black, blocking the UV rays, light and heat, while also reducing visibility from the outside into the cabin; but you can see outside from the cabin.

The sun shades come with vacuum suction to stick to the glass but can be bothersome to put remove and put back every time you roll down the windows. They are also likely to fall off in case of bumps and lack of vacuum. Clearly not as convenient as sun films, but still better provide the needed privacy and sun block.

Price range – Prices start as low as Rs. 100/- for a set.

2. Retractable Drop Shades

Retractable Sun Shades
Retractable drop shades are the sophisticated version of vacuum suction sun shades. Mostly seen on luxury sedans Skoda Superb and Bimmer’s and are a good after market fitment if the vacuum suctions are not your type. The retractable shades restrain the sunlight and heat from the cabin. The mesh shade needs to be hooked up with the window, and will roll down and up with the window glass itself. When not required, release the hook from the glass and it will retract. A very good option if privacy is your concern. Plus it gives a premium feel to the cabin. Comparatively the life of the retractable shades is less as the mesh shades are likely to wear and tear over time.

Price range – these drop shades are on the expensive side and will cost you around Rs. 3000/- to Rs. 4000/- depending on the car.

3. Clear Films

3M Clear Film
Clear films are the best alternative, if not the most legal ones. Clear films keep the light and heat to a minimum from entering the cabin and being clear will not come under the police scanner either. 3M’s CR-70 is a good option as it allows complete and clear visibility, since it is not a dark film. When compared to other alternatives, not only are they the most expensive, but also the most reliable ones. You can cover the front and rear windshield and side windows with the clear films. Consider it as a onetime investment for your car.

Price range – Prices start at Rs. 15,000/- onward depending on the car and quality of the film.

4. Manufacture Fitted Films

The court order permits the placement of manufacture fitted films on the car, as they provide permissible visibility. Even though they may not be sufficient, they are better than having nothing to protect your car’s interiors.

Till there is an amendment in the law, you could try any of these to protect your car from the heat and light. However, it is best to avoid confronting the cops with sun shades. The clear film even though provide 100 percent visibility and transparent, still are not legal by law.