The 8th edition of Maruti Dakshin Dare has reached Shimoga before heading out to Goa tomorrow. Suresh Rana is leading while Sandeep Sharma is tailing him closely.

2016 Maruti Dakshin Dare Gypsy
This stage included dry terrain with stones and sharp curves

The 8th edition of the Maruti Dakshin Dare is currently underway and the rally has progressed towards Shimoga. The TSD participants seem to be having a fun time but it is the Ultimate category which looks more interesting. Both 4-wheeler as well as 2-wheeler participants are rallying in full glory amidst tough competition.

In the initial leg of the Ultimate categories, the participants had to pass through some really thrilling and exciting routes passing through the Tata Coffee Estate in Coorg. Post that, we all headed towards Shimoga. Day 04 and 05 of the rally took place at the Vani Vilasa Sagara Dam.

A total distance of 382 kms was covered in this leg which was spread over 3 stages. The same track was repeated today but the only change was that the participants had to go in the backwards direction. Post that, there was also Super Special stage in Hosadurga where a track of 3 kms was set up. Since this was located within the city, a huge crowd had gathered to witness the rally and locals were cheering for participants.

On Day 04, Suresh Rana with his Maruti Vitara maintained his lead with a timing of 4:33:06 while Sandeep Sharma in his Gypsy came second at 4:40:18. Jasmohan Saini with his Gypsy came in third at 4:50:35. We are still awaiting results of today’s stages. It seems the battle between Suresh Rana and Sandeep Sharma is definitely going to be tough.

2016 Maruti Dakshin Dare Vitara
Suresh Rana has acquired a considerable lead with the Vitara

8th Maruti Dakshin Dare

– The leg in Shimoga was spread over 3 stages and 382 kms
– Participants unperturbed by accidents or breakdowns, unmatched spirit!
– Will head towards Goa tomorrow

2016 Maruti Dakshin Dare TVS Apache
The bikers had a tough time on this track full of stones