After Volkswagen came under scrutiny for violating emission norms in September, the Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) is now testing other diesel-powered cars from different companies to check the nitrogen oxide emission levels from vehicles.

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Volkswagen had significant difference between their laboratory tests and on-road emission

When news broke out regarding Volkswagen’s alleged violations of emission norms across the globe back in September, the Indian government requested ARAI to inspect the company’s Indian offerings for the same. After conducting various tests, the agency came out with results which showed Volkswagen’s diesel powered cars emitting high amounts of nitrogen oxide which were above the approved levels.

From the results of the agency, the Indian government issued the German car maker a show-cause notice earlier this month. ARAI found a significant difference between the laboratory emission levels and the on-road emission levels when asked to conduct emission tests of diesel-powered Volkswagen cars (Jetta, Audi A4 and Vento) by the ministry of heavy industry.

The Automotive Research Association Of India (ARAI), have recently started conducting emission tests on diesel-powered cars from various companies to check the emissions of nitrogen oxide from their vehicles, these tests are a direct result of the emission scandal of Volkswagen in September.

ARAI have mentioned that they are now conducting tests on other diesel-powered cars from different car manufacturers as well. ARAI only mentioned that they cannot specify any details either regarding to the tests or the companies and models as the tests are still going on, but they are for now concentrating only on diesel cars which have similar engine capacities as Volkswagen cars which are under scrutiny, which include cars like Maruti Suzuki Ciaz, Hyundai Verna, Honda City, Hyundai Elantra and Toyota Corolla to name a few.

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ARAI is checking diesel powered cars of other companies with similar engine capacities