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Land Rover will launch the all new Range Rover on the 30th of November 2012. The launch happens in less than two months of official unveil, which is truly remarkable as the Mk4 version of the Range Rover is yet to go on sale in most parts of the world. The 2013 Range Rover is the flagship vehicle in the JLR line-up and is brought to India via the CBU route. Thus this premium luxury SUV requires no homologation, helping in the speedy India launch.

The new Range Rover (codenamed L405) is vastly improved in almost all directions. The vehicle uses a lighter D4u platform, which enables a weight saving of 400 kgs. The monocoque platform also gives the Range Rover better dynamics while at the same time the vehicle doesn’t loose its splendid off-road capabilities. The new Range Rover will be available with both petrol and diesel engines, which offer splendid performance.

While the pricing of the all new Range Rover is still a mystery, one can expect it to go up to Rs. 1.70 crore. A long-wheelbase version is being developed for the Chinese market and could also find its way into India. The new Range Rover doesn’t move away from its iconic design and continues to have a similar body structure as the original. The interiors take heavy inspiration from the Evoque and have improved space and luxury by several notches. Expect a waiting period on the new Range Rover, with demand being higher than supply.

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