The Maruti Tour H1 will be soon available to the taxi drivers and fleet operators.

Maruti Tour H1 Specifications
These are the complete specifications of the Alto based Maruti Tour H1

Maruti will be launching a very basic, taxi version of its top-selling Alto model to attract the taxi drivers and taxi fleet operators in India. The official announcement is yet to be made but specification details have leaked which confirm the name to be Maruti Tour H1.

The Maruti Alto taxi that will be named the Tour H1 will be stripped of all the luxuries like electric ORVMs and body coloured bumpers. This will be done to keep the price of the vehicle to a minimum to get higher sales.

With the launch of the Tour H1, the Maruti Suzuki Tour range will have a total of four models – Tour H1 (Maruti Alto), Tour H2 (Maruti Celerio), Tour V (Maruti Eeco), and Tour S (second-gen Maruti Dzire). Among these, only the Maruti Tour S is offered with a diesel engine. Exact pricing isn’t yet known but the Tour H1 will most likely be priced below the Alto 800.

The Tour H1, like other Tour models is also most likely to have a CNG and a petrol variant. In its petrol variant, The Tour H1 will be powered by a 796cc, 3-cylinder engine which produces 47 HP and 69 Nm of torque and have a claimed mileage of 23.95 km/l. While the more economical CNG engine outputs 40 HP and 60 Nm of torque. Both the engines will come mated to a 5-speed manual gearbox.

Maruti Tour H1

– It is basically a taxi version of the Maruti Alto
– Will be most likely offered with petrol and CNG engine options.
– The car is expected to be priced aggressively to enhance sales

Maruti Alto Tour H1
The Maruti Tour H1 comes with speed limiting function
Maruti Celerio Tour H2
The Maruti Tour H2 launched earlier this year is based on the Celerio