Audi Crosslane Coupe Hybird Concept

The Volkswagen Group is on full throttle to become the world’s largest car maker by the year 2018. The Volkswagen subsidiary, Audi is planning to double its line-up of SUVs by 2020. Audi introduced its first SUV, the Q7 to its portfolio in 2005. In order to eat up the sales in the SUV segment of its closest rival BMW, Audi will introduce three new SUVs. The manufacturer is developing Q2, Q4 and Q6 to offer a wide range of SUVs in the near future. The company is also working on the Audi Q8 which will rival the Range Rover.

The Audi Q2 will be a compact SUV based on the Crosslane Coupe concept showcased at the Paris Motor Show last year. The Q6 will be positioned just under the Q7 and will be built alongside the Q5 in a new plant in Mexico. The three new additions will make a total of six SUVs for Audi’s line-up along with the performance versions of the existing SUVs. The even numbered Q SUVs will be more driving centric offering better handling. Audi has already introduced the SQ5, performance version of the mid-sized SUV Q5.

The German carmaker is now all set to showcase the performance version of the compact Q3, the RS Q3 next month at the Geneva Motor Show. Audi expects that the new additions will boost up the sales of SUVs to 40 percent of the brand’s sales over the 25 percent of 2012 sales. To heat up the competition in the SUV space, BMW is coming up with the X4 and Mercedes-Benz has planned to introduce the compact GLA class.