A Bajaj dealer seems to have leaked information of Bajaj’s Pulsar 400 engine on the dealer’s website. While the page says Pulsar RS 200, the power output figures and top speed figures shown seem to be that of Bajaj’s 400cc engine. Maybe the CS or even the RS 400.

Pulsar RS 400 Details Rumour
The bike is shown to produce 43 HP of power and 35 Nm of torque

The number of Bajaj related leaks that have been happening is simply astounding. This time, it’s again about the Pulsar CS 400, and it looks like the engine output details for the bike have been leaked on one of Bajaj’s dealer websites. While the leak is not exactly concrete, it sure got everyone here excited.

Our reader, Mr. Harsha B sent us a screenshot from ‘Kalyani Bajaj’, a Bajaj dealer’s website, which shows really high performance figures on their RS 200’s page. While the capacity figure is still shown as 200cc, the power figures quoted are 43 HP of power and 35 Nm of torque, which seem awfully close to those of the KTM Duke 390’s engine (44 HP of power and 35 Nm of torque). This could also mean that the upcoming CS 400 will get a similar power output, which for some reason seems too good to be true. A top speed of 175 Km/hr is also indicated on the page.

The news however, must be taken with a bucketload of salt, as it could very well be some form of a mistake on the dealer’s side. But for what it’s worth, it is a juicy piece of info no doubt. Also seen is the inclusion of upside-down forks under the suspension heading. While we know that the CS 400 is not getting USDs, these may be offered with the RS 400 which Bajaj may launch next year.

Pulsar 400 Engine Output Leaked?

– A Bajaj dealer seems to have leaked the output figures for the Pulsar 400 engine
– The output information is seen on the dealer’s RS 200 page on the website
– Output figures of 43 HP of power and 35 Nm of torque are given
– We can also see upside-down forks listed as the front suspension setup
– The news could very well be a mistake and should be considered a rumour as of now

Pulsar SS400 2014
The USD forks could be seen on the RS 400, as the CS 400 will come with a conventional setup