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Most basic instrument cluster ever seen on a Royal Enfield since decades

Instrument Cluster and Switchgear – The instrument cluster on the Dominar 400 continues to use two displays but both have been revised. The primary display now shows current and average fuel efficiency information along with the tell-tale lights in addition to a digital speedometer, tachometer and a fuel indicator. The primary console is quite easy to read. However, the secondary display located on the tank integrates a gear position indicator, a clock and two trip meters. The toggle buttons for both the displays are placed on the tank, around the secondary panel. On the go, it is quite difficult to have a check on the secondary console.

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Multiple LCDs but readable text, Dominar’s console is loaded with information

The instrument cluster on the Royal Enfield Classic 500 has remained the same over the years. It carries an analogue speedometer with an odometer and that’s about it. The Royal Enfield misses out on basic information like trip details, fuel indicator, tachometer, clock and much more. The cluster is just too basic that once it had an amp meter which is now used as a tell-tale light unit containing low-fuel level indicator and an engine warning light. So, the Dominar 400 easily trumps the Royal Enfield in this regard by offering not just more but with the necessary modern touch.

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Both the bikes have the exact same seat height of 800 mm

Ergonomics – Both the motorcycles offer an upright riding posture, but the Royal Enfield has more front-set footpegs resulting in slightly more comfortable ergonomics. The Dominar 400 has raised handlebars with centre set footpegs making it sportier despite being equally comfortable. The fuel tank on the Dominar 400 is sculpted which helps in gripping the bike better while the Royal Enfield’s tank has to do with tank pads on either side. The seat on the Dominar 400 could have been well padded to offer more comfort. The seat height on both the motorcycles is identical at 800 mm. Talking about pillion comfort, both the motorcycles offer a useable pillion seat while the one on the Royal Enfield can be removed. Mirrors on the Dominar offer better visibility than the one on the Royal Enfield which seem worthless due to the vibrations. Overall, the Dominar 400 feels more composed.