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The Dominar has a brilliant top-end punch

Performance – If we talk about the power figures, the Dominar was already powerful earlier and now it has gotten even more powerful. The 373.2cc mill now produces 40 PS of power while the 499cc engine on the Classic produces a shy over 27.5 PS. But the Royal Enfield has more torque at 41.3 Nm while the Bajaj produces the same 35 Nm at a slightly higher RPM. The extra torque keeps the Classic happy to tour while the extra power on tap makes the Dominar faster off the line and can cruise at a higher speed too. The low-end of the Classic is better but the mid-range and the top-end are just so much better on the Dominar. The Dominar also has an advantage with the 6-speed gearbox while the Classic makes do with a 5-speed unit. The Dominar being liquid-cooled has another positive up its sleeve while the Classic is air-cooled and less complicated.

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Classic’s engine has a great low-end and is similarly torquey

The bassy exhaust note from the Dominar sounds nice while the Classic has the signature Royal Enfield thump

The clutch on the Classic is slightly heavy while the gear shifts aren’t as smooth. The Dominar does duty with a slipper clutch giving it better shifts. Classic being slightly low on power returns better fuel efficiency at 29 km/l. The Dominar returns about 27 km/l and has a smaller tank which means the range on the Classic is slightly better. While the vibrations on the Classic 500 start from get-go, the Dominar does not vibrate that much as the vibrations kick-in only in the top end. The exhaust note is now bassy on the Bajaj but the Royal Enfield still has a better thump. Overall, the Dominar revs higher and rides faster while the Classic has a calmer side to it.