Pulsar R15 Front

The Bajaj Pulsar is undoubtedly the most famous motorcycle in India. With so many Pulsars on the road, owners want to do something different, probably change the color or add a full fairing to their machines. On the other end, stands the Yamaha R15, which is by far acclaimed as the most stunning motorcycle in India. The R15 does not come cheap and the aggressive riding position makes many not consider it. But can you get the best of both worlds? A Pulsar which looks like the R15? Yes you definitely can.

Sundhar Vamsi mailed us these pictures and claims he can modify your Pulsar to look like an R15. The cost for this job is Rs. 15,000/- and includes painting (any color) and two piece handle bar. What you will essentially get is the R15’s front with the twin-headlights and full fairing. We can’t judge the quality of the work by looking at these pictures, we are just letting our readers know about it as we get repeated emails asking how to turn their Pulsar to look like an R15. Interested people can contact Sundhar at wsundhar at gmail dot com.

What do you think of this? Would you turn your Pulsar into the R15 or would you rather spend that money on performance parts?

Pulsar To R15 Modification

Pulsar R15 Fairing

Pulsar Full Fairing

Pulsar Modified R15 Lookalike

Twin Headlights Pulsar