Bajaj Auto expects to close FY 2010 with sales of almost 2.9 million vehicles, the highest ever in its history. This includes exports of 900,000 vehicles, which is also the highest ever. In its Board meeting held on 24th March, 2010, Bajaj set itself a sales target of 4 million vehicles for FY 2011, representing a growth of almost 40%. This would include exports over 1 million vehicles.

For FY 2011, motorcycle sales are targetted at over 3.6 million vehicles, while commercial vehicles sales are targeted at about 400,000 vehicles. The Board also approved the expansion of total capacity to 5 million vehicles / year in anticipation of continued growth in the domestic and international markets in FY 2012. Staying with its brand centered strategy that is focussed on the Boxer, Discover, Pulsar, and RE brands, Bajaj is hopeful of achieving this sales growth while maintaining its industry leading EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization) margins.