Riding on the success of new launches from last year, Bajaj Auto has managed to increase its market share by a good amount in the entry level and mass sports segment.

2015 Platina 100 ES Specifications
The new Platina has managed to garner more sales than the previous one

If there’s one manufacturer which has always listened to its customers and has delivered on their expectations, it has to be Bajaj. The brand has constantly tried to deliver the best to its customers and this has got them success most of the times. With the rivals launching new bikes, the Chakan based automaker also felt the heat which led to it revising its portfolio in a big way during the past year with many new bikes being launched and some being discontinued.

With the re-introduction of the CT 100 and launch of the new Platina, Bajaj increased its foothold in the entry level bike segment and its market share increased from 23% to 36% in the first nine months of the current financial year. To give you a perspective, the sales figures in the same segment grew from 3.83 lakhs to 6.81 lakhs. The growth is a testament of the fact that customers are ready to accept bikes from manufacturers other than Hero (the current segment leader) if they offer something more.

Coming to the sports motorcycle segment, the Pulsar brand has always been a strong seller. Ever since the launch of the sub-brand, the sales of bikes carrying the Pulsar name have been high. With new models coming up in the range, the sales have only gone up. This has increased the market share of Bajaj in the segment to a staggering 53%. The newly launched Avenger twins have contributed well to the sales too.

Speaking of the Avengers, they have been very well received and sales exceeded 20,000 units. The company has plans to increase the cruiser’s production to 30,000 units starting March 2016. With the entry level and sports segment covered, the focus has now shifted to the executive segment where the Indian bikemaker will soon be launching a new range of bikes to replace the Discover series.

2012 Bajaj Discover 125ST Front
The Discover will soon be replaced by a new range of bikes