Executive Modcar Trendz has displayed a Batmobile replica in Mumbai. The vehicle is inspired by the Batmobile used by Tim Burton in Batman Returns.

Batmobile Replica in India
The Batmobile replica is based on a Mercedes S-Class

The 2014 Autocar Performance Show is currently underway and a modification firm called Executive Modcar Trendz has showcased a Batmobile replica that it has created. This is the same company that is known for the Ferrari F430 replicas it created (using a Toyota Corolla). Coming back to the Batmobile, this replica is inspired by the one used by Tim Burton in Batman Returns. We must say that the efforts put in by the local company are very good and the replica is very similar to the original toy in terms of looks and size.

The Batmobile replica is based on a Mercedes S-Class and the mechanical details of the vehicle have not yet been revealed. The exteriors look good and have been designed well. The finishing may not be 100% perfect but the project is still undergoing development and the final outcome is still sometime away. Once the vehicle is out on our roads, it will be a treat to catch a glimpse of it and its owner should be ready to face all the attention that the Batmobile gets him. The Batmobile replica costs approximately Rs. 25 lakhs.

The modification scene in India is catching up and such kind of work is getting more popular. While we aren’t quite sure as to who will want to modify an S-Class into a Batmobile, we feel the donor car used is a W140 S-Class from the 1990s, thereby being cost effective. With the S-Class having more than enough grunt since day one, which ever generation model is used, there sure is going to be more than enough punch to keep the wannabe Batman quick in and around Gotham Mumbai city.

Batmobile In India
It has been made by Executive Modcar Trendz from Mumbai
Batmobile Replica
This Batmobile is expected to cost around Rs. 25 lakhs
Batmobile Mumbai
Engine details are not yet known but the same Merc motor is likely to be used