Benelli showcased the TNT 600 twins equipped with ABS at the 2016 Auto Expo while the ABS fitment would be available as optional feature across the range this year but it will be provided as part of their standard equipment starting from 2017.

Benelli TNT 600GT ABS 1

The already competitive biking scenery in India saw entry of yet another mark with unraveling heritage and culture, Benelli. Benelli marked their foray into the country displaying most of their modern line-up of motorcycles by collaborating with DSK Motowheels of India. Now in 2016 Benelli has seen a splurge in the expansion of its network since their launch which has also forced them to improve their products according to Indian conditions, adhering to the same Benelli displayed the TNT 600i and TNT 600 GT at this year’s Auto Expo which come equipped with the most awaited feature, ABS.

Post the Italian bike manufacturer’s entry into the Indian market several norms have seen transformation including the Government’s order to manufacturers asking them to provide ABS as standard equipment across all bikes with engines above 125cc from 2017. Considering these norms, Benelli planned to develop an in-house ABS kit at their Chinese facility rather than relying on parts suppliers in order to reduce unit prices. The reports suggest that Benelli would start providing ABS as optional equipment across all of their models primarily TNT 300 and TNT 600 starting this year. 2017 will see all Benelli bikes equipped with ABS as a standard feature.

Benelli TNT 600

– All Benelli bikes will soon be equipped with ABS
– The TNT 600 comes in two guises – 600 i and 600 GT
– The ABS unit will be developed in-house in China

Benelli TNT 600GT ABS 2

Benelli TNT 600GT ABS 3

Benelli TNT 600i ABS 1

Benelli TNT 600i ABS 2

Benelli TNT 600i ABS 3

Benelli TNT 600i ABS 4

Benelli TNT 600i ABS 5