Are you a bike enthusiast? When was the first time you rode a bike? Who taught you biking? Do you like speed? Does anyone else in your family have passion for bike rides? The questions might not seem relevant because if you are a biker, you are a biker. How does it really matter if you picked up biking from a friend or a sibling of yours? But, a study at bike insurer named Bennetts has actually theorized that biking has something do with your genes. Yes! They say that it is in your DNA which creates the desire to ride a bike.

The researchers took the help of a psychologist and conducted a study to determine if passion for bikes can flow in blood-lines. The study was conducted in specific over a gene called the “novelty-seeking” (NS) gene. This gene is responsible for impulsive, exploratory and risk-taking behavior which is something one can associate with biking. The study proved that majority of the bikers had matching personality traits associated with the NS gene. For instance, 72 percent of the bikers have the risk taking ability, 71 percent showed low boredom threshold and 69 percent showed spontaneity.

The other findings of the study were that 85 percent of the bikers, which forms the major chunk of the pie, were introduced to motorcycles by their family members. Only 11 percent said that their friends were the reason and the rest 4 percent were introduced to biking by a non-relative. Among the family members, 68 percent were introduced by immediate family members, 9 percent by their uncle or aunt and the rest by their grandparent. Among those surveyed, 73 percent bikers said that it is the bike which defines who they are. 62 percent of the bikers said that they cannot live without their bike and 61 percent also said that they treat their bike as a family member.

Well, now that was some interesting study conducted by members of Bennett. Overall, it was seen that all the questions which were related to traits exhibited by the NS gene resulted in high scores, especially the risk taking ability which is one of the important traits of passionate bikers. So now, does the above questions make any sense to you? If you have passion for biking, try answering these questions yourself and see if you too feel that biking is in the blood.


Source – VisorDown